How To Tell High Quality Hair From Cheap Quality Hair

I know a lot of us to order hair online now. And we're not able to actually fill and see the hair in person before purchasing, so I know how super important it is for you to get the best quality for your money. So today I'm going to kind of walk you through how to tell the difference between high verse cheap quality hair. The hair weave in the picture is #1b/99j human hair weave bundles from MarchQueen.


First of all, with the cheap quality hair, there's going to be a lot more short pieces of hair in the bundle. The bundle is going to be collected from the fallen hair on the ground instead of one donor. You want hair that's collected from one donor, because that means all the roots are with the roots, and that means all the ends are with the ends, the cuticles are going to be aligned which is going to cause it to have less shedding and less tangling. The hair weaves in MarchQueen shedding is minimal.


Another thing that you'll notice between the cheap quality hair and the high-quality hair is that this one is going to be more silky to touch. The low-quality hair is going to be more frizzy and it's easily going to break. When you run it your fingers through it you're going to see a lot of broken shedding hair. When you run your fingers down the shaft especially very quickly and I mean I have several pieces of hair in my fingers right now, just from combing it a few minutes ago.


Another major difference is that the high-quality hair is still going to be in its natural color. So it hasn't process for texture or for color. While the cheap quality hair is probably going to be dyed, so it's going to be very hard to bleach or recolor the low-quality hair. While the high-quality hair, you'll be able to bleach and die very easily. Also, the high-quality hair is going to last you a lot longer, high-quality hair should last you at least one year, especially with continued use.


I've had some virgin hair that's lasted me 2 to 3 years. because I take really great care of my hair, but the cheap quality hair, it's probably gonna lash, you may be a month or two and it's just gonna look crazy. While the high-quality hair every time you wash it, it's just going to get better and better. With the cheap quality hair, you're going to wash it like two to three times, and the hair is going to get more coarse, more tingly, and it's just going to look crazy. So if you've washed your hair two to three times, and you notice that it looks really frizzy really coarse, you probably have the cheap quality hair rather than the high quality. 

Of course the high quality here is going to cost more than the cheap quality hair, but the high-quality hair is going to last you a lot longer, so you're going to get more bang for your buck if you choose the high quality here over the low quality here, because you're going to have to buy this continuously while this is going to last you at least a year.


We can tell the quality of human hair weaves from its shedding, the feel of touch, color and last time, etc. So if any of you are interested in checking out some affordable high-quality virgin hair, I will leave all that information in the description box down below. If you have any tips or tricks as far as finding the difference between cheap versus high-quality hair, then let us all know all about your tips and tricks in the comments section down below. And if you found this video helpful don't forget to thumbs it up, and I will be sure to catch you all in my next one bye.